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If some of the evidence (presented from someone’s personal testimony, or if perhaps it appears as though a journalist or news report) is demonstrably false, the validity of that testimony or report in its entirety must be called into question. Our mission (as, we the people) is to take back journalism by thoroughly researching and reporting on, (while exposing) some of the more important matters that are least likely to be investigated.

We have noticed on many big-named social media platforms, that MANY authors get censored, if not banned for reporting the truth. It’s unconstitutional and soon our human rights will be fully stripped away.

We have created a community, dedicated to research with as little to no emotion involved, but rather we choose to let evidence speak for itself. The FACTS don’t lie, but people do. It’s our job as God fearing citizens to stand up for what’s right, and to not back down from exposing what we know to be the truth.

We wanted to create another platform, in opposition to what those mainstream outlets stand for. We do not appreciate false claims, and/or propaganda, but rather we choose to expose those evil deeds as God commands all of us to do. Our community maintains it’s integrity by presenting credible information, although everyone is welcome to initiate ideas and concepts, as we are continually learning from those here who contributes their research and written articles, documentaries, podcasts, interviews, etc.

We also appreciate those who choose to volunteer their time, by helping out as a Moderator or an Administrator for our community.


The Truth Shall Prevail


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