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Black Child / Matrix (Productions)

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–> This is the RE-UPLOAD Channel for the TERMINATED – “account suspended” channel, “The Black Child” here on YouTube. These are not ALL of the videos from the last channel, or even the very first “Black Child” channel from 2014, but a collection of SOME of the videos. I will attempt to consistently upload SOME of the old videos back on here as well as some of the new content as well. EDIT: This is now officially the MAIN Channel of “Black Child Productions” &”The Black Child” here on YouTube Please share, like, and download these videos before YouTube wipes this channel out as well. Until we can get on a stable, consistent, CENSOR-FREE platform that allows us to make a passive income to support ourselves, we have to keep playing with these CENSORDEVILS here on this platform. Please also consider crowd-funding this operation. We need you all!! #truthlives2018

–> The YouTube channel of “” and the secondary channel of “THE BLACK CHILD” Youtube Channel. Unfortunately, our “uploading” abilities on the main channel have been suspended after ridiculous allegations of ” cyber harassment & bullying” have been leveled against me. Please subscribe to this channel and know I’m doing everything possible to make sure this operation reaches as many people as possible. In this age of CENSORSHIP, we will NOT be afraid of the TRUTH, nor we will back away from it. We persist anyway! #TRUTHLIVES2018

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