Jeremiah Cohen

Jeremiah Cohen

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Soldier for El Shaddai, a.k.a. a targeted individual (TI). We were like Neo, asleep in Satan’s matrix. One day God came along, gave us the red pill and unplugged us. Ever since Agent Smiths have been after us. Our refuge is Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah Cohen has a different way of conveying an age-old message that has been, (and is continuing to be) biblically unveiling right before our eyes. It’s not hard to see how the world we live in, has an extremely dark side to it. As ugly as the truth is, to me it’s no different than the sound of a home alarm being triggered. Although much of it seems shocking to say the very least— it’s necessary to hear in order to truly wake up. This gentleman here and brother in Christ does an excellent job at unmasking the hidden away dark secrets that most of the world seems to be harboring. Although there’s only a small fraction of wealthy (elite) bloodline’s who not only run every big mainstream media outlet such as Fox, CNN, TMZ, Time Warner Cable, etc. but who also determines what get’s any REAL airtime, which I think it’s safe to say that most of it (if not all) consists mostly of lies and deceptive propaganda. The Foundation of these families were built upon bloodlines that were spoken of inside of the Bible, as a portion of the Angels who fell with Lucifer intermingled with the daughters of the son of men, creating their own line of DNA— which people like the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, Queen Elizabeth, and lots of others all have something in common (including President Donald Trump) and that is their Rh- bloodline. They (along with MANY other high-ranking public figures) are amongst the very few in the world who somehow share the same DNA according to many other studies that have been done tracing all of our President’s bloodline’s back to our founding father, George Washington— who also happened to be a Freemason. And their god (with a little “g”) is Lucifer the Light Bearer. This small bit of knowledge barely scratches the surface, and Jeremiah not only does that but you will find his own witness and testimony inside many of his videos where he exposes the spiritual warfare that MANY of us fellow brethren have experienced and unfortunately very few have spoken out about it. Jeremiah is one of those victims and is Holy-Spirit driven to shed light on these difficult topics in nature.

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