Messenger of the Name

Messenger of the Name

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“And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of YAHUWAH shall be delivered. For on Mount Tsiyon and in Yerushalayim there shall be an escape as YAHUWAH has said, and among the survivors whom YAHUWAH calls.

-YAEL (Joel) 2: 32, Acts 2, Romans 10

This is the message of redemption for all those who will heed the call of Master YaHuWaH Aluahym. The name of the Almighty YaHuWaH has been taken in vain by the religious, political and commercial powers. It is our mission as followers of the true Mashiyach YaHuWshuwa (Yahuwah’s redemption) to restore his Shem (name/character) unto the lost sheep of the house of Yasharal.

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