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(Un)Censoring the TRUTH one Documentary at a Time…

Born into a world that belongs to Satan, but Reborn into a Spiritual Kingdom that SAVES and belongs to God

EXPOSING: Geoengineering, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK Ultra (Trauma Based Mind control, Monarch Programming, Project Paperclip, Nazi Scientists, Prescott Bush, Hitler, Hollywood, Pizzagate, Pedogate, End Times Prophecy, Biblical Cosmology, Pagan Holidays, Public school System, False Christianity, Man-Made Religions, Babylonian,Egyptian,Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, MIND CONTROL, Predictive Programming, illuminati, New World Order, Antichrist Beast System, Mark of the Beast…

There’s not enough time to cover the vast deceptions we are literally witnessing today. Geoengineering, MK Ultra (Trauma Based Mind Control) which is linked to (Satanic Ritual Abuse) continues linking itself to oaths of secrecy. Jewish Kabbalah ties in with Freemasonry. Another form of false christianity.

Jewish Mysticism is a continuation of Babylonian Mysticism, etc. Suddenly I begin noticing how many of the celebrities that I admired and adored were throwing up masonic hand gestures left and right while wearing clothes that depicted esoteric symbolism.

Climbing up even higher, we then start learning about the Mainstream Media and who OWNS and RUNS it, along with about 10 other major corporations that a small handful of families OWN. Those families all have one big thing in common, Rh- Blood.

When you read the Book of Enoch, you learn about how a third of the “Fallen” Angels that fell intermingled with the daughters of men. Thus, creating their own DNA Bloodline called the Nephilim.

These are half fallen angel, half human HYBRIDS. And according to Enoch, Noah’s flesh was the ONLY pure line left, which was why God had chosen him to repopulate the earth after the great flood.

Once their flesh died, the disembodied Nephilim then became what we know as today DEMONS or FAMILIAR SPIRITS. These same familiar spirits are the same entities the elite occultists conjure up during their rituals that often consist of magic. These elites ALL have the SAME BLOODLINE as the Nephilim.

Interesting how all of a sudden things are beginning to make sense. There is TRUTH in the KJV Bible. There is TRUTH inside many other divinely inspired Books that were purposely left out of the Canon. I’m ecstatic to finally be able to have my own platform, to share my work on.


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