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*GUESTS: No access to user areas *STUDIO MEMBER: FREE Membership with Moderate Access to user areas. (Community Contributors) *STUDIO SUPPORTER: Full Access to User Area's with Admin Capabilities. (Monetary Contributors) *STUDIO TEAM MEMBER: Full Access to User Area's. Active Studio Supporters/Authors with FULL Admin Access. (Monetary & Voluntary DAILY Contributors) * STUDIO AUTHOR: Full Access to User Area's with Admin Capabilities, as well as Subdomain Website Hosting Capabilities. (Monetary, Voluntary, and Content Contributions) more specifically for content-creators.
i.e.- Membership inquiries, Work-Related inquiries (web design/graphics/film), Donation inquiries, Contribution inquiries, Becoming a part of our Support Team, or Good informational tips you would like us to use in an upcoming feature film, etc.
*All other useful (TIPS / IDEAS, etc.) can be sent HERE
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