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*** ABOUT US ***

Our mission is to help wake as many people up to the TRUTH, as possible. (And if you’re here) that means that you ARE AWAKE. Or, you are beginning to see through the blurred lines. You know that something just isn’t adding up.

The world we live in has been taken over by the elites, secret societies that began in Egypt through the means of The Fallen, Nephilim, and demigods about 6000 years ago. Many books of the Bible were left out, a few of them being the books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees, which explains to a large degree precisely what’s going on all around us each and everyday from Geo Engineering on down to Elite Hollywood Satanic Ritualistic Occult’s. Most high ranking public figures have been bred into stardom through SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) which early on prepares them for a life of slavery through the MK Ultra (Trauma Based Mind Control Programming) where they create alter-egos (utilizing demonic possession) and sexual/physical abuses that help create our Assassins and our Sex Beta Kitten Slaves. Regardless of what Topic we are referring to (as there are too many to count at this point) it all ties in with the New World Order they’ve been trying to implement for quiet some time now. Knowledge is now starting to surface, of all the things that have been hidden from us in plain sight for so long. Their job of indoctrination has now far exceeded their expectations and the masses genuinely believe in all of the pseudosciences among other deceptions that they’re putting out in preparation of Armageddon.


We have noticed on many big-named social media platforms, that MANY authors get censored, if not banned for promoting the TRUTH. It’s unconstitutional and soon our constitutional rights will be fully stripped away once they produce the perfect GEO STORM, implement the Mark of the Beast, and lastly Martial Law.

We wanted to create another platform, in opposition to what those mainstream outlets stand for. YOUR WORK MATTERS! Your Articles MATTER, your Documentaries exposing EVIL MATTERS. You shouldn’t be punished for exposing Evil as most should be opposed to it. The problem lies with the fact that unfortunately, our world is not run by Christian Conservatives. It’s run by Luciferians who are high ranking witches or warlocks inside of the Jewish kabbalah. They follow esoteric teachings from the Mystery Schools. Those people make up the pyramid you see on the back of our US dollar bills, also known as The Eye of Lucifer or The Eye of Horus. The All-Seeing EYE that appears in just about every show, movie and every music video you can watch. They’re packed with subliminal messages that are spliced in so subtly and it’s only meant for your subconscious to pick up on. Same thing with Back-Masking Music Lyrics, even political speeches. They’re all throwing up hand signs and you’ll normally see occult imagery on their clothing or in their tattoos. They follow Aleister Crowley’s occultist teachings, as he was deemed one of the wickedest men in the world through his dark magical rituals.

We are hoping with the help of all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, that we can help spread awareness and our goal was to create a safe place for fellowship with like-minded individuals. You can chat in our forums and discuss things openly and honestly without fear of unconstitutional censorship of the TRUTH, create channels, upload content, comment on peoples walls, send private messages, mingle with single christians, etc. Our hope was to create a different kind of atmosphere, we want you to feel at home here.

Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is TRUE Salvation! GOD BLESS & Thank you for your Support. If you would like to Collaborate, Do interviews, or if you happen to have any Film/Video ideas, etc. WE WELCOME ANY & ALL HELP WE CAN GET FROM ALL OF YOU with informational Tips or inquiries!

PLEASE EMAIL US: [email protected]

* FEEL FREE TO SHARE OR USE OUR MATERIAL IN ACCORDANCE WITH (The Fair Use Act) * As well as all other credits will be given accordingly to those channels in the same respect whenever parts or segments of their work have been used or featured in one of our Films.

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