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The Public (Pagan) School Systems

One of the biggest lies that was ever told, was to, "Dream BIG." Do you remember as a young child, getting excited for the new school year because that meant new clothes? Or the thrill of graduating to a higher class? Being told every day that you can be anything that you want to be when you grow up? That people who obtain a college degree make around 30-50% more than those who don't? This is the kind of thing probably a good majority of us in here have experienced for ourselves. The truth is though, we were built up systematically to FAIL. [Read More...]
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It’s unfortunate the amount of censorship that goes on with most social media platforms nowadays. This group is dedicated to exposing TRUTH.

Our goal is to reach as many people as we possibly can, with the TRUTH. We hope (with every users help here) that we can not only create a Community Platform that enables all of us to share the truth here with others, WITHOUT the same fears of unlawful / unconstitutional censorship's that we tend to see with most other mainstream video-hosting/sharing sites, but also KEEP IT GOING WITH EVERYONE'S CONTRIBUTIONS! <3 With that being said, we would like everyone here to please keep that in mind whenever you're posting, commenting and/or subscribing to a topic inside our Watchman Studios Community as we can ALL HELP EACHOTHER ON HERE by contributing to this truth movement! We can ALL benefit by helping each other piece things together. The few rules that we have in place, are to help keep our board running smoothly. So, if you have any issues, or questions, please feel free to contact a member of our Support Team for further assistance.


1. Please be respectful
2. No foul language
3. No personal attacks / harassment / threats, etc.
4. No spamming comments
5. No spamming advertisements
6. Please try and keep your debates "friendly"
7. Please provide evidence that can be validated when possible, to help avoid any unnecessary tensions
8. We highly encourage scriptures to be ONLY be taken from the Hebrew or King James Version in order to help avoid translational errors
9. Our Support Team is here to help and often volunteer their time, so please keep that in mind whenever soliciting their help, and try to be patient as they’re doing the best that they can.
10. Please try and help keep this board a safe place to post for everyone here, by doing your part.

(All Members of our Support Team have the legal right to terminate and/or permanently BAN any users account at their discrection, (for any reason) should the users offense warrant such disciplinary actions. In certain instances, disciplinary actions will be done on a case-by-case basis)
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    Let’s stand up together and expose what’s really going on! Please help us beat the censorship that is mainstream by becoming an active Member! Our brothers & sisters in Christ help make this truth platform possible. We hope you find our groups to be a Blessing. All glory goes to God.
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