Paradise Lost # 33 ~ CALIFORNIA FIRES w/ RFB

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Burn victims of Paradise California, Directed Energy Weapons, Extreme Weather, Technology, Agenda 21

The California Fires are far from being wild, it’s more like MAN-MADE weather. (Agenda 21- Depopulation Plan – Directed Energy Weapons, etc.) We have found out completely incinerated lanes of people caught up in grid-lock traffic while waiting on instructions. Mainstream Media is making this out to be something from nature, blaming it on CLIMATE CHANGE. News Flash: THEY are the ones responsible for doing that. THEY ARE CHANGING our atmosphere conditions manually and deliberately through the use of their Militia’s Technology. The technology itself is slowly but surely weaponizing against all of us. People need to wake up to the reality of what’s going on. Look into PG&E. Look into China, the Bankers, etc. Jamie from has really put himself out there, by going down to the incinerated areas and conducting one-on-one interviews with a few of the surviving victims. They get personal, and go in-depth with the graphic details of burned bodies found in almost every single car. (The worst being a school bus full of children) as he had to look away, and that was probably one of the hardest things he faced while canvassing the scene. They all conversed back and forth, each tearing up from time to time. You could hear the emotion in their recollections, and the pain from it all in their eyes. Something hard to watch, but something that definitely needs to be exposed.

This (again) is a mass GENOCIDE, MASS MURDER. I would highly advise anyone who lives on the coast, to move. It’s horrible what’s being done to all of these innocent people, and we need to share this information with asn many as we can. Let’s face it, we are heading right into the New World Order. Pretty soon they’re going to set up shop in the places devastated by natural disaster (pretty unnatural if you ask me) while stripping away our weapons and implementing Martial Law. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. This is falling in with End Times Prophecy. PEOPLE OF CALI: Get out while you still can!

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Keywords: California, Paradise, Wildfires, Man Made Fires, DEW, Directed Energy Weapons, Electromagnetic Frequencies, Lasers, Corrupt Government, Jesuits, Bankers, China, PG&E, Weather Modification, Military, Agenda 21

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