Valentine’s Day (The Price of Love) – A Lupercalia Special

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Valentine’s Day is a HUGE BUSINESS, as it’s estimated that America ALONE spends about $18.5 “Billion” dollars a year on trying to impress their sweetie pie. But if you ask people WHY? You’ll more than likely hear silence or hear how that’s a cultural tradition with HOW MUCH they perceive the “PRICE OF LOVE” $$$$ to be! Most of you here know that the day revolves around “Love”, but the question remains— Do we know WHAT we are celebrating, and whom (or what) it honors aside from a mere representation of hearts, candy and teddy bears? Many people think that’s simply another “American” holiday adopted and implemented as a secular celebration with no deity attached to it. Most of us have also come to believe that this is a “Christian” holiday and were told how it was named after a Biblical SAINT. (St. Valentine) The truth is the Roman Catholic church adopted a tradition that was connected to an ancient Greek festival, known as Arcadian Lykai with the worship of the Greek god Pan. Pan can be traced back to the Sun god Baal, and Baal is none other than NIMROD. This connected Roman festival was known as LUPERCALIA. It was a widely celebrated inside Rome which honored LUPERCUS (Hunter of the Wolves) — the god of Fertility (also known as the god FAUNAS) This festival was celebrated in the coming of Spring and practiced fertility rites. They would sacrifice the animals in the Lupercal Cave on Palatine Hill. Part of their rituals included skinning the animals they sacrificed (a goat and a dog) creating “februa” (whips) out of the animal’s skins, smearing their skin in the blood, and wearing them as they danced around intoxicated and as women lined up to be “whipped” with the februa. February derives from “februa” – means of purification. Its customs originate from 2 of the most perverted festivals of ancient archeological history: LUPERCALIA — (celebrated on February 15th and known as the “festival of sexual license” in honor of Lupercus a.k.a Baal as “he” goes by many names) and the FEAST DAY OF JUNO FEBRUATA. The romans believed that Lupercus would protect Rome from ravenous wolves, which devoured people. The Romans believed that the twins Romulus and Remus had been sheltered and nursed from a she-wolf until they eventually founded Rome. February was sacred to Juno Februata, the goddess of febris “fever”, love, marriage, and one that more specifically honored women, The “Divine Feminine” aspect. _________________________________________________________________

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